Our Menus

Traditional Tuscan dishes prepared with fresh and local ingredients and also from our gardens. An artisanal cuisine at the rhythm of the seasons and filled with love.

Lunches and dinners with à la carte menu and a daily menu every day to vary the pleasures. To be accompanied with local wines and Champagne, our sommelier is here to guide you. A simple and elegant service, an intimate table with candlelit dinners in all seasons.

Every day from 12:30am to 13:30pm

Club Sandwich

Chicken, Mayonnaise, Salad, Tomato

€ 11,50

Vegetarian with seasonal vegetables. Melted Pecorino Cheese on request

€ 11,50


Meat tartare, Mimosa egg and its sauces

(Tarragon Mayonnaise, Violet Mustard, Mustard and Whole Mustard)

€ 16,50

Carpaccio of Chianina meat

With salad and Parmesan aged 24 Months

€ 17,50


Smoked Tuna with Fennel and Oranges

€ 13,50


€ 13,50


€ 13,50

Salad with Burrata Cheese, Walnuts and Dried Figs

€ 13,50

Mixed with Tuna

€ 13,50

Warm Dishes

Spaghetti Martelli

With Tomato and Basil

€ 16,50

Tagliolino with Lemon

€ 16,50

Every day from 7:30pm  to 9:00pm, than after dinner drinks.
Upon arrival you will discover a wider menu but also, every day, a menu of the day thanks to the seasonal gifts.

Start with

The excellences of the Cadassa di Colorno farm

Slow Food certified Culatello di Zibello: 18 and 24 months and also Il Fiocco 18 months, Coppa and Rigatino

€ 24,50

Fried mountain egg with melting heart

Pecorino cream and truffle, Slices of Pecorino di Pienza

€ 22,50

Chianino Beef Tartare

Mimosa Egg and its Sauce

€ 21,50

Cheese plateau

Fresh, aged and caved pecorino

€ 19,50

Fresh pastahomemade


To choose from: Aglione sauce or with Cacio e Pepe Nero

€ 17,50


served with Wild Boar sauce

€ 17,50


Fresh spinach and Ricotta del Pastore
To choose between: Butter and Sage or Tuscan Ragù

€ 17,50

Soups and Risotto

Soup of the season

Carabaccia, Ribollita and others

€ 16,50

The Risotto

With Saffron from Montalcino, topped with a golden leaf

€ 20,50

The Meats

Grilled T-bone steak “Fiorentina” of Chianina Beef

Portioned to the table by our Maître

€ 8,50 / 100gr

Sliced Sirloin Steak of Chianina Beef

Served with seasonal Vegetables

€ 29,50

The Peposo

With the round of Chianina Beef, served with Potatoes purèe

€ 29,50

Lamb Chops

Grilled Valdorciano Lamb Chops served with sour Chard

€ 32,50

Fresh vegetables

Seasonal vegetables

From our garden or from trusted gardeners

Desserts and sweets available for lunch and dinner and also in the afternoon for the guests of the Relais Osteria dell’Orcia

The Traditional Tiramisu

€ 10,50

Ricotta cheesecake

with berries

€ 11,50

“Valrhona” Chocolate Cake

With a soft heart on Orange English Cream

€ 13,50

Cantucci and Vin Santo

€ 13,50

Fired cook at your table


by our maitre at your table

€ 13,50

Fresh seasonal Fruits flambé

by our maitre at your table

€ 13,50

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